Dianne Barske

Books Written and Illustrated by Dianne

Mukluks for Annabelle

First published in 1999, Mukluks for Annabelle has won a first-place national award for children's non-fiction.

Mukluks for Annabelle is based on a true story of Annabelle, the baby elephant at the Alaska Zoo, and how she faced adapting to our Alaskan environment. She truly had cold feet! An elephant in Alaska is certainly out-of-place, but it was Alaskan ingenuity and caring that eventually solved a little elephant's dilemma.

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Two Bears There

Two Bears There, The Story of Ahpun and Oreo, is the second book in a series about the intriguing animals at the Alaska Zoo. It is the true story of a polar bear, Aphun, and a brown bear, Orea, living together as buddies at the zoo.

From the time they were raised side by side as orphaned cubs, no one was sure if they would bond or battle.

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How Do You Say Goodbye to an Elephant?

How Do You Say Goodbye to an Elephant? - Maggie Leaves Alaska, is the third book in a series about the intriguing animals at the Alaska Zoo. It is the true story of Maggie the elephant, living at the zoo. Should an elephant be here in Alaska's cold climate? She became the source of much caring and concern.

Once it was decided that she should be with other elephants in California animal sanctuary, the community gathered round to say goodbye.

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Saving Katie

In May 2012, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company discovered an orphaned baby musk ox along the Alaska Pipeline. It was a team effort by their employees to rescue this small arctic animal, take her to Prudhoe Bay, and eventually to the Alaska Zoo.

First-place national award winner for children's non-fiction.

Dianne says that painting the baby musk ox was one of her favorite things to do.

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Mostly Music: The Story of Lorene C. Harrison

Mostly Music follows the footsteps of Lorene Cuthbertson Harrison back in time, allowing for the retracing of a fascinating cultural history as a pioneer town - Anchorage, Alaska - grows up.

Lorene's is an amazing story full of friendships collected along the way.

As former Alaska governor Walter J. Hickel said, "Lorene Harrison helped transform and build this young pioneering city, not brick by brick as much as song by song, making music an integral part of our culture. She didn't see the impossibilities, she saw the opportunities. Her impact, recorded in this book, will be felt forever."

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